Author: Dana Chang

The term adult education universally applies to adults choosing to gain skills and/or knowledge.  In today’s world we should address adult learning as “Lifelong Learning”.  It has never been more important than now to keep skills up to date and take on all the “newness” of current challenges.

Adults learn differently than children-they want knowledge that can be applied in their everyday lives.  Skills to maintain and surpass their ability to successfully compete in the job market rank at the top of adult learner needs.

The hierarchy or pyramid of needs for learners is a feeling of self-actualization, a feeling of fulfilling one’s potential.  Today that primary need is interconnected with the basic need for security and safety.  Adults need to fulfill their potential with literacy.  Literacy can be as simple as learning to read, improvement of reading skills or gaining knowledge of safety procedures at home or at work.

OSHA requires that an individual’s literacy level cannot be an obstacle to training.  Spencer -SHE has utilized the necessary training methods for adult workers to overcome the obstacles of learning.  These methods helped develop the ultimate “Learning Management System” which allows for:

1.  Enhanced knowledge retention

2.  Maintenance of interest in subject matter

3.  Understanding of how the subject matter increases work and/or personal development.

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