Author: Elizabeth S. O’Donnell, MEng, CSP

Most of us go about our lives thinking of past events or lost in the future, robbing us of the present moment. Being present in the moment is the only time we truly have. No one intends to get hurt at work. Many people state that their minds were not on the task at hand when accidents occurred. Our new tagline came from this issue of not being in the here and now. When we are truly present and aware, we are in control of our actions and emotions with clear thoughts, allowing us to be aware of all moves and decisions.

To work and have safe, fulfilled, happy lives don’t waste the present moment thinking about what already happened or planning for something in the future. The past is already gone, and the future has yet to come, the present moment is all we have control over. By staying in the present moment, we truly take control of our lives and are able to make the best and safest decisions possible.