Environmental inspections must be completed even across a shutdown of your facility.  This includes weekly hazardous waste inspections and twice weekly grounds inspections. With proper planning, you can avoid having to complete these while the facility is closed.

For the Weekly Environmental Hazardous Waste Inspections in Alabama: 

Remove hazardous waste for proper disposal. Any partial containers should be consolidated and removed. All hazardous waste containers must have an accumulation start date to comply with regulations.  No hazardous waste may be onsite if the inspection is to cease during shutdown operations.

For the Twice Weekly Grounds Inspection in Alabama:

A pre – shut down inspection should be completed on the last day of shutdown to ensure there are no environmental issues that could affect stormwater.  

Documentation is the key to compliance and necessary to defend the action of not completing environmental inspections during a shutdown. A great way to be more efficient and guarantee documentation is to use MyMomentum™. This software will allow you to complete inspections electronically and document your findings, such as photographs of your facility with no containers of hazardous waste onsite. MyMomentum™ brings visibility to management while driving consistency and accountability across your company. Get peace of mind knowing that you are meeting all regulatory requirements and that your documentation is organized in a single, secure location and available on any device.

Our team of experts has over 50 years of experience assisting clients with environmental compliance, permits, reports, and inspections!

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