Respiratory Protection is one of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards. Our team of experts offer assistance with the development and implementation of your Respiratory Protection Plan to get you organized and in compliance. Did you know we also offer Supplied Air Testing for general industry facilities using supplied air respirators?

Supplied air respirators are utilized in many applications in general industry. This tool ensures employees are provided clean air to breathe and protects them from harmful air contaminants. The specific regulations governing respiratory protection are OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.134, NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, and CGA G 7.1-2011. For more information regarding these standards, check out our blog discussing respiratory protection here. There are many respiratory hazards and just as many respirator options available. Industrial air monitoring, fit testing, medical clearances, and hazard analysis must be performed to choose the applicable and approved NIOSH certified respirator. When a supplied air respirator is required, it is imperative to ensure the supplied air meets OSHA and NIOSH requirements.

OSHA requires that all breathing air cylinders have a certificate of analysis from the supplier stating the breathing air meets requirements for Grade D breathing air. Also, it is important to test the breathing air at your facility at least twice a year for two reasons:

  1. Regular testing allows you to ensure that the quality of air provided to the employees wearing supplied air respirators is free of harmful air pollutants and the system is performing normally.
  2. With regular testing, you will have historical data to demonstrate compliance with OSHA and NIOSH regulations and your facility’s commitment to employee health and safety.

The air purity requirements are as follows:

Characteristics CGA G-7.1-2011 Requirements
Oxygen Content 19.5%-23.5%
Oil (Condensed) ≤ 5 mg/m3
Carbon Monoxide ≤ 10 ppm
Carbon Dioxide ≤ 1000 ppm
Water Content Dew Point ≤ -50℉ (67 ppm v/v)
Odor No pronounced odor

When we test the supplied air at your facility, analysis is focused on the above air purity requirements to ensure employees are breathing safe air. We will the provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to improve or maintain your current system. Contact us today to schedule supplied air quality testing at your facility!