Do you know the Campbell Institute?

The Campbell Institute is the center of EHS excellence at the National Safety Council. The NSC is a nonprofit organization and one of the top safety advocates in the U.S.

Research from the Campbell Institute shares many best practices from leading organizations in EHS.

Safety is changing with the growth of digital technologies, and safety professionals are noticing it.

But adoption of new technologies can be slow. One survey showed that over 70% of contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry rely on paper or spreadsheets for tracking safety management information. Between 50% and 60% use desktop or laptop applications developed for accounting or project management.

These steps help to shape, adopt and implement EHS technologies in your organization.

  • Start with a strategy
  • Identify Problems and Goals
  • Determine the Technologies
  • Pilot Technologies

Worker Resistance Woes

25% of organizations questioned cite worker resistance to technology or user adoption as another top challenge they must overcome. Many companies are met with complacency from employees with objections towards using new technologies. They fear that a new system may make their work harder, that they won’t understand how to use it, or that it won’t look like what they’re used to – Excel. To help employees overcome the fear and uncertainty that is often pervasive when introducing new technologies or tools, try the following:

Invest in change management – Set expectations with your employees and offer initial and ongoing training on the new system.

Understand the requirements – Communicate what it is that employees are trying to achieve with this new system, so they understand the reasoning behind the functionality and workflows. For example, introducing automatic email notifications about corrective actions is a way to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Brand your program – Employees are more likely to adopt new technology if they see how it fits into the overall company culture and supports business goals. If they view it as just another tool to use, they may not adopt it.

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